Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kimball Reading

After reading this article my main thoughts are that based on context I think academic portfolios are a great way to get introduced to professional portfolios. Academic portfolios allow you to practice what goes into them and the editing process behind them.

In the discussion box on the second page writes about how a student provided a brief introduction to each piece she included. I know that in past portfolios I've done I have never had to introduce each piece but just had to write a reflective introduction. I think that even though it may be more work introducing each piece briefly is a great idea. I think it lets you focus on the one piece at hand and not think of the portfolio as a whole like you do in the reflective introduction. I think it narrows your focus for better explanation.

The Web: I think web portfolios are a great idea, they allow you to add more diverse things to your portfolio and they let more people access it. However, I also think that a portfolio should be something you hold in your hand, factual evidence that you accomplished something. Having something in print is more reliable that typed text. Showing someone you did the work and you have it in person, I think is way better than sending or sharing it over the Internet. I also think constructing a web portfolio is a lot harder than doing it with real paper. I need to be able to hold the things that I created, I need to be able to know where I want them, where they need to be placed, and I need to lay them out to see that. I can't do that on the Internet like the way I want too. I think it is a lot harder to organize my thoughts at least by looking at a computer screen than looking at a messy floor covered in papers.

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