Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cause Site Reflection

Our group decided to Animal Abuse as our topic and so far its going really well. Our group works really well together, I think it's best group I've been in all year. We all have topics that we care deeply about so it works out well for our site, we each are focusing on one area and we have organized ourselves quiet well this far into the project.

We each decided what we would talk about in our discussion and blog posts, and I chose to discuss the laws and legislation for the blog and for the discussion I chose to examine slaughter houses. We gave ourselves deadlines so that everything would be put up on time and no one would be waiting and so far it has worked out well.

While I was doing some research on this topic I really found myself upset and angry. I did this topic in another class but it was focused on animal testing in laboratories and I was all by myself. I like this project because it allows all issues to be looked at and your not doing it all by yourself which makes it better especially with animal abuse. I look at my group members as others who care about animal abuse so it's nice to have them there for support of the project.

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