Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Web Design-Proposal Memo

My part of the project was to write the proposal memo. I did this with great detail so that the work was distributed evenly and I wanted to provide all the points so that none were left out.

I think overall the paper went well, it turned out to be 3 pages exactly and I think it is the perfect length. During peer review the suggestion was made to condense it and make it under 3 pages. Since there was no page limit for the project I decided to keep it the way it was because the more detail the better the paper.

After the revision to the website I had to go back and fix the paper and add what we fixed. During this I got really confused on how to describe the alterations. I had the words but couldnt write them. The end of the paper took me longer than it did to write the first 3 pages. But now I feel that the paper is strong and gives great detail to the before and after website.

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