Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lance Bennett article

After reading this article I agree with this one more, I believe it has a more realistic approach to the future and the technology and the path its taking.

1.The article states that the citizenship style is more effective, it gives people the option to be engaged in government issues. Bennett understands that if information is forced upon you that it will be less effective than if the option is presented. Like the other article stated information on the internet is echoed through and forms a trickle down effect....this echo is what this style is a trickle down effect that allow people to gain their information through high populated areas and by staying in contact with their own friends rather than the gov't.

2.The other thing that is stated is the DC and AC citizens. DC citizens are old school, they are formed by the old ways, the ways before technology came along. Now we are going through the change of how we get our news and information and the AC citizens come into play. The AC citizens are based on individuality and are centered around the ideas that voting is less important, it is less important due to negative advertisement on media and government. The AC citizens are based on themselves, they do things for themselves, and in a sense that is good but in the future it will lead to everyone being for themselves and creating world peace or any peace at all with working together will be impossible. I think a balance between AC and DC citizens is the best method.

3. It seems that both articles are based on getting young people to be involved in the government. This article sees fit that it is most efficient to do so in schools. By changing the curriculum and they methods of teaching schools will be teaching students how to be individuals and be able to solve public a way creating little government officials. The other article saw it fit to go about the internet and get people involved. I think that changing curriculum is a good ideas but not changing it so that kids are put through school for the government in the future. But the article also states a good point that adult created programs are based on what kids "should" do and not what they can do, and I believe that is how they should go about changing the curriculum, by keeping that idea in the main frame.

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