Thursday, November 12, 2009


After reading the article it reminds me of the presentation that was done on web 2.0. Since web 2.0 is based on communication SNSes were created to keep people up-to-date on people lives by the minute. The article says they choose not to use the word "networking" because that means relationships are formed, well if the point of web 2.0 and sns are to create communication that I think relationships go in hand with that communication. Whether people are strangers are not they are still searching the web for a common goal, and I think forming relationships over the internet are better than having impersonal relationships and only being on the computer for yourself. And not to mention you cant call something a social networking site if you choose not to use the word thats in the title. It kind of seems like an oxy moron.
Social networking sites also provide a great mixture of people that belong to them, and it really connects people together, however I think if the internet was more personal like sometimes it claims to be, it could be closer and could connect more people, strangers that is.
I also think its rather funny that the first profiles were dating profiles and now there are so many types of profiles for everything out there. Also the first SNS launched was which i think should have stuck because of the six degrees of separation, and even though it was ahead of its time I think if it was resurfaced people would really catch on. Although with that the site would have to be updated due to technological advances since '00. Looking at the timeline of SNS I can remember when LiveJournal came out, and I remember when a lot of these networks slowly fell off the radar.
I think now SNSes are created for the convience to the internet user, there are so many networks out there and there are millions of people using them, but sometimes there could be too many. And these networks have taken over the world, in a way its good because it keeps everybody connected in an instant but whatever happened to personal communication and getting to someone face to face and not through a screen.

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