Monday, September 21, 2009

Enthusiast Blog Decision

For my enthusiast blog I am choosing to discuss problems with New York State Education. The audience that I hope to attract are teachers, students, parents, and concerned citizens of NY. I think that choosing this topic will help with the understanding of what is happening to the education system and the possible solutions to fix the problems. I think as an audience possible discussions would be ways to fix the problems, how did the problems arise, and how to avoid the same things in the future. On my blog I will have to have a professional tone to my writing, but I would also like to keep it casual as well. My readers I think will want to see that I care about this topic and that I have a strong opinion in the ideas that I hold. In addition to that my opinions are my own and I need to be careful not to impose on anyone else's opinion that may be posted on my blog.

Potential Blog Ideas:

Smaller Class Sizes
Teacher Aids In Regular Education Classrooms
Give Students who need outside classroom help (esl, reading, speaking) longer time with specified teacher
Raising standardized test scored
Possibility of exempting special education students of standardized testing
Special Education students & ways to better their resources

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