Tuesday, October 20, 2009

good/bad websites


I chose facebook at the good website. I chose it because besides being a major information ecology, it really portrays good characteristics of being a good website. It doesnt have major linkage, its graphics and deatils are limited, and the links it does have are organized and managed. When information needs to get across to its users there are messages that are sent. I think it is managed well and it works well as a website.

For a bad website I chose Tolman High School's website. It is designed by the students, and even though it is an interlinkage website it doesnt work. There are key links missing, along with important information that in order to find you have to search deep within the text. There is no way to contact the faculty or a list or the faculty members. I dont think they should have let the students create it, or they should have monitored it better.


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