Wednesday, October 14, 2009

reflection post on wiki travel 1

alright so I just did a good amount of editing on wiki and I have to say this could be the biggest pain in the butt I've ever had to deal with. I've been sitting in front of the computer since 2pm and its now 5, and that entire time has been dedicated to wiki. So if I dont get a good grade on this project I'm going to be very upset. I think I did everything well, I got through it so that must count for something. But in a couple of the sections wouldnt let me follow the format and would come out all messed up. Most of those I got through and fixed and they were fine but some of the things I wanted to add I just gave up on for right now, it was way to frustrating. Hopefully since I've gotten the feel for the site the second time around won't be so annoying and frustrating. Other than that it's going well, I have realized that I love my town very much but at this point I am so sick of talking about it.

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