Sunday, October 4, 2009


travel-- my thoughts on wiki travel are different from my overall opinion of wiki. I think wiki travel is very helpful. Knowing that wiki is edited by educationed prefessionals and is on a world wide spectrum. Meaning the travel guides must be amazing. If you wanted to travel to another country, just do some background info on it by someone from that counrty. I think it's great for frequent traveling.

policies-- I think the polices for wiki travel are pretty standard and self explanatory, everything that you would expect. But I really like how wiki really wants to maintain a professional enviroment for information on traveling. I think that is helpful and a smart move.

goals--The goals of wiki I think are well put and to the point. I like that they state its not a travel magazine, but the articles should be brief and to the point. I also like that they tell you that it shouldnt be a travel chat room. That there are forums for that specifically for questions and concerns about personal experiences.

newcomers-- I think the welcome page for wikitravel is very well designed. when new comers come to the site they get the point directly from the first page. It tells the main points and allows you to click on links to be directed for further research.

Other-- While I looked around wiki travel I got interested in the other languages side board and I thought it was really great that they keep the same basic comcept without changing a lot of things. I thought the Travellers Pub was really interesting, it was a a collection of questions and conerns from people. I thought it was great that it allowed people to help others first hand.

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