Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reaction to ch. 17

While I was reading this I knew that certain things appeared in websites for certain reasons but I didn't know they were strategically placed. For instances the pop-up windows are there because people are more likely to go back and read whats on the prior window after reading the pop-up.
And obviously the entire point of the Internet is to make everything convenient for the user. Page designers embed things specifically into the text to keep convenience flowing.
I think the interlinked page design is kind of self explanatory, aren't all web pages interlinked to the rest of the site, isn't that the point of the site? But I understand when the article states it's meant for smaller sites, it seems to be the smartest layout for the smaller site, the most convenient. And again the article states the obvious when they give the four points of web design. (be simple, keep good info, don't go for a lot of pictures)

I think the article itself is very obvious and in this day and age self explanatory. But at the same time it breaks down key concepts that are important like the way to design it.

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