Monday, October 12, 2009

Possible Entries

From the wiki articles I learned that the way the articles are written in a certain way and there is a certain tone that must be created. There are numerous things and links that cannot be left out of the article.

My possible articles would be:

Walkway Over The Hudson: get on at Parker Ave on Poughkeepsie side. Just finished this October, the walkway is a piece of history that has been restored. The old railroad bridge caught fire in the mid-1970's due to either a spark from a train or a bolt of lightening that struck the bridge. The bridge was restored to form a 1.4 mile walk across the Hudson River. The walkway is free to walk over; open Monday-Sunday sunrise-to-sunset.

Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel: 40 Civic Center Plaza +1-845-485-5300 (fax: +1-845-485-4720)

Hampton Inn & Suites: 2361 South Road/ Rt. 9 +1-845-463-7500 (Fax +1-845-462-1474)

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