Thursday, October 15, 2009

my thoughts on wiki #2

I got bored today and added to my wiki page, when I decided to do this I wanted to see if I could add without having to copy and paste the code for the template. When I did this I found it got easier the more I did. I was able to look at the entires above the one I was doing and it really helped.
On the last blog I did on this I was sick of talking about Poughkeepsie because it was frustrating to add all the information. Now I think it's easier since I've had practice, and I'm not so sick of Poughkeepsie anymore...which is really good.
As I look at my page and what I have done, compared to what was there before I started I am really proud of myself. As I've said before I am far from a computer person but I think I have the hang of this now and I like that I did it all by myself; with the occassional question here and there. I think I added a decent amount of information and I think my quality is good to. I wanted to add the places that I knew about and that I have been because I think that people would really enjoy them.

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